Are Your Sails tired and worn?

Holman Rigging are proud of their association with a company as well renowned and prolific as Hyde Sails. The partnership has been in place for several years now, but recently Hyde have made some bold and successful changes, most particularly in their brand new purpose designed production loft, which is going from strength to strength.

"An international brand, Hyde Sails is one of the largest volume sail producers worldwide, delivering high quality sails with a service to match. Backed up by 45 years of expertise, Hyde Sails has always placed itself at the forefront of sail technology, design and production for everything from Optimists to cruisers and ocean racing yachts, as well as custom projects."

Hyde understand that sailors come in many shapes and forms, and that their requirements will vary accordingly - they have analysed these demands and offer sails in a number of clearly described catagories - each with its own design and cloth recommendations.

Touring - for coastal cruising.

Voyager Cruise - for serious passage making.

Voyager Ocean - for blue water cruising.

Voyager Race - for club/offshore racing.

Grand Prix - for IRC and IRM racing.

Sails, Spars and Rigging go together, so as Mast and Rigging specialists it is a natural progression for us to be consulted by our clients regarding the supply, use and maintainance of Sails. Holman Rigging offer a Sail consultation service, helping a customer determine what will work for them and how best to implement any changes.

Whether you are a day sailor or a hardened yacht racer we can look to help you get the best out of your sails and provide sound and solid advice.