• Fantastic New Rope Prices

    Having renegotiated our contract with Liros
    we now find that we are able to offer
    some fantastic new prices on our ropes
    and halliards for example-

    Braid on
    Dynamic Plus-
    Dyneema core
    Racing Dyneema
    8mm 1.22 2.74 5.90
    10mm 1.87 3.89 7.49
    12mm 2.58 4.75 9.07

    We carry a huge amount of rope in stock
    why not pop in today or give us a call
    to discuss your needs.

    We also offer fitting, splicing or whippings tailored to
    your requirements.

    Prices given are per metre and VAT inclusive,
    prices may change without warning
    but are accurate as of 04/12/2015